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Histopolis Place-of-the-Day

Histopolis features a different cemetery, town, county or other place every day on the Place-of-The-Day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Histopolis Place-of-the-Day for Tuesday, February 8, 2011 is Kerrville National Cemetery in Kerrville, Kerr County, Texas.

"Kerrville National Cemetery is located in Kerr County, Texas, adjacent to the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

"In June 1923, A. P. Brown and J. S. Brown, trustees of the Brown Cemetery (a private plot used by Brown and his descendents) gave the Women’s Auxiliary of the local American Legion permission to bury local servicemen. The auxiliary had assumed responsibility for providing such burials for ex-servicemen and World War I veterans who died in the Kerrville community without family or friends who could provide for their interment.

"In December 1932, the Brown trustees sold the unused portion of the family cemetery used for veterans to the American Legion. The American Legion, in turn, donated 1.7-acres to the Veterans Administration in February 1943. In 1973, the cemetery was transferred to the National Cemetery System and is managed by the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery."

Source: Cemeteries - Kerrville National Cemetery - Burial and Memorial Benefits

The Histopolis Grave Index for Kerrville National Cemetery contains 466 entries with 400 unique surnames.

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