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Histopolis sorts surnames ignoring any capitalization, spaces, accents or punctuation in the name. Histopolis sorts "Blue Bird" as "bluebird" and the following surnames sort the same way (meaning they are spelled the same but differ only by capitalization, spaces, accents or punctuation).

Frequency of "Blue Bird" Surname in the US

2000 US Census

Accoring to the US Census Bureau, "Bluebird" ranked #96,918 in frequency out of 151,671 surnames for which statistics were released from the 2000 Census. 174 people, or approximately 1 in every 1,550,357 individuals in the US had this surname in 2000.

Name Rank Count Percent
Non-Hispanic Hispanic
(of any
White Black American
or More
"Bluebird" 96,918 174 5.75% 0% 93.10% 0%
US Top 151,671 269,762,087 69.8% 11.8% 0.7% 3.7% 1.7% 12.3%

Source: "Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000", US Census Bureau.

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Surnames that Sound Like "Blue Bird"

The surname "Blue Bird" has a Soundex code of B416. The following 76 surname(s) may sound similar to "Blue Bird" since they share the same Soundex code.