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Van Der Bogart Surname

Frequency of Van Der Bogart in the US

2000 US Census

Accoring to the US Census Bureau, Van Der Bogart ranked #134,929 in frequency out of 151,671 surnames for which statistics were released from the 2000 Census. 115 people, or approximately 1 in every 2,345,757 individuals in the US had this surname in 2000.

Name Rank Count Percent
Non-Hispanic Hispanic
(of any
White Black American
or More
Van Der Bogart134,92911596.52%0%0%0%
US Top 151,671 269,762,087 69.8% 11.8% 0.7% 3.7% 1.7% 12.3%

Source: "Genealogy Data: Frequently Occurring Surnames from Census 2000", US Census Bureau.

Van Der Bogart Graves on Histopolis

Histopolis currently has 1 grave(s) with the surname Van Der Bogart.

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