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Histopolis Grave Index - Participate

Participating in the Histopolis Grave Index provides exposure to your site and helps researchers locate grave information of interest to them.

There are four ways to participate in the Histopolis Grave Index:

  • Contribute a single entry
  • Contribute multiple entries
  • Request inclusion
  • Wait to be included

Contribute a Single Entry (Coming Soon)

You can add entries in the Histopolis Grave index one at a time. This is useful for owners of personal or family genealogy sites that wish to be included in the index (you can also request inclusion, see below). (Coming soon, more details to follow)

Contribute Multiple Entries (Coming Soon)

You can upload a text file containing information on multiple graves. This is useful for owners of sites with many entries to add (you can also request inclusion, see below). (Coming soon, more details to follow)

Request Inclusion

Histopolis can automatically add grave entries for some sites using its proprietary webcrawler technology, similar to the technology used by search engines. The degree of difficulty in indexing a specific site and the number of graves contained on the site are factors used to determine the order in which sites are added. Sites requesting inclusion receive priority for inclusion.

We believe the Normal indexing rule provides a reasonable balance of usefulness and fairness but apply the more conservative Minimal rule by default. We expect that given two or more index entries for the same individual, sites indexed using the Normal rule are more likely to be followed than those using the Minimal rule. If you are a site owner, we encourage you to permit indexing using the Normal rule. Sites permitting indexing using the Normal rule receive priority for inclusion.

No site is too big or too small to be considered for inclusion. You have nothing to loose. Send your request for inclusion to the webmaster today!

If you are a researcher and your favorite sites containing grave information are not yet included in the Histopolis Grave Index, ask them to request inclusion (it's free).

Wait to be Included

You can do nothing and hope that we eventually include your site. If you are interested in having your site included in the Histopolis Grave Index we invite you to request inclusion.

Please send your comments and feedback on the Histopolis Grave Index to the webmaster .

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