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Histopolis Grave Index - Rules

The Histopolis Grave Index implements two standard indexing rules, Normal and Minimal, to control the level of detail contained in several key grave index fields.

Custom indexing rules can be implemented to support specific source site preferences.



The Normal indexing rule is designed to provide a careful balance of usefulness and fairness.

The Normal rule is used for sites meeting either of the following criteria:

  1. The site is public domain or contains a “use statement” that permits copying with attribution, or
  2. Histopolis has received permission from the site owner or data owner.


Using the Normal rule, each grave index field contains the same level of detail that was provided in the source grave information.



The Minimal indexing rule takes a very conservative approach favoring fairness at the expense of decreased usefulness for researchers by significantly limiting the level of detail displayed in several key grave index fields.

The Minimal rule is the default and is used except where the site meets the criteria for the Normal rule (see above).


The Minimal indexing rule limits the level of detail displayed in the following grave index fields:

  • Given Names: Only the initials of the first and middle (second) given name are displayed.
  • Date of Birth: Only the year of birth is displayed.
  • Date of Death: Only the year of death is displayed.

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