Help on the Place Cemeteries tab

The Cemeteries tab displays an alphabetical list of the primary and alternate names of Cemeteries contained within a place such as a State, County or City.

Add a Cemetery

If you have information about a cemetery that is missing from Histopolis, we encourage you to add it (free registration is required). For a county, township and incorporated city, an Add button will be displayed.

Filter Cemeteries Displayed

Using a filter, you can quickly locate a cemetery in a long list. A long list can contain dozens or even hundreds of pages making finding a specific cemetery difficult and tedious. Using the filter capability, you can narrow down the list to only cemeteries whose name matches the filter expression. For example, by entering "gr" into the filter text box and pressing the Apply button, only cemeteries whose name includes a word starting with "gr" will be displayed.

Sample Filters

FilterMatches Cemeteries withExample Matches
baldAny word starting with "bald"Bald Hill Cemetery
Baldwin Cemetery
cathoAny word starting with "catho" Old Catholic Cemetery
Old Saint Mary Roman Catholic Cemetery
Saint John the Baptist Greek Catholic Cemetery
groveAny word starting with "grove"Cedar Grove Cemetery
Grove Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
p g Any word starting with 'p' and another word starting with 'g'Great Plain Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Portland Burying Ground

In the filter "p g" above there is a space between the letters.

Displaying Cemeteries ...

The cemetery name and location are displayed in a table.


The primary or alternate name or spelling of the cemetery. Alternate names and spellings are indicated with an asterisk (*) following the name.


Indicates the location of the cemetery with the place. For example, for a state the location would indicate the county where the cemetery is located. For an alternate name, the location also includes the primary name of the cemetery.


If there are more than 25 cemetery entries in the list, the list is divided into pages of 25 entries each.

Paging Toolbar

The paging toolbar (shown at right) allows you to move forward and backward within the pages of cemetery entries. The toolbar contains four page navigation buttons described below:

First page
Previous page
Next page
Last page

The navigation toolbar is located at the top of the list at the far right. A second navigation toolbar if located at the bottom of the list in the center of the tab.

Some buttons will be disabled if the corresponding page navigation is not possible, such as the Previous Page button when you are already viewing the first page.


For a county or lower level place, you can visualize the location of cemeteries by navigating the the Map tab for the place and selecting the "Area Cemeteries" Layer. When the corresponding Layer is enabled, the name of the cemetery under the cursor will appear in the status field to the left of the Layers menu.