Help on the Place Graves tab

The Graves tab displays a list of the graves contained within a place such as a cemetery, city or county.

Add a Grave

For a cemetery or cemetery subdivision, you can easily add a grave by entering the name, birth date and death date into the fields provided and select the Add button. You can leave blank any field that you do not know, but at least one of the name or birth date or death date must be provided.


First Middle LastMary Elizabeth Smith
Mary Smith
Last, First MiddleSmith, Mary Elizabeth
Smith, Mary
, Mary
First Middle /Last/Mary Elizabeth /Smith/
Mary Elizabeth /Jones Smith/
Mary /Smith/
Mary //

The first and middle names are optional in all formats. Use the comma (,) or slashes (/) name formats when the last name is unknown or when the surname contains two names without a hyphen between them. Prefixes (Dr. or Rev.), suffixes (M.D. or Jr.), nicknames ("Curly") and maiden names are currently not supported using the "Add" button; select the "Edit" checkbox and enter them on the Edit form instead.

Birth and Death Dates

A variety of date formats are supported, including:

day month-name year26 January 1946
26 Jan 1946
month-name day yearJanuary 26, 1946
January 26 1946
Jan 26 1946
year month-name day1946 January 26

The month and day are optional in all formats. If the day is specified, the month must also be specified. The month can be abbreviated to the first three letter of the month name, for example Jan for January.


If the "Edit" checkbox is checked when you add a grave, the newly added grave will be immediately editted with the edit form. This allows you to easily enter additional information about the grave.

For other place types, such as a city or county, you will be directed to navigate to the specific cemetery where the grave is located before adding it.

Filter Graves Displayed

Using a filter, you can quickly locate graves in a long list. A graves list can contain dozens or even hundreds of pages making finding a specific grave difficult and tedious. Using the filter capability, you can narrow down the list to only graves matching the filter expressions. You can enter any combination of filter fields.

SurnameThe start of the surnameCase sensitive
Given NamesThe start of the given nameNot case sensitive
BornThe year of birthEnter the year only; month and day are not supported
DiedThe year of deathEnter the year only; month and day are not supported

Example Filters

FilterMatches graves withExample Matches
SurnameGiven NamesBornDiedSurnameGiven NamesBornDied
ParkSurnames starting with "Park"Park
James A
Joseph C

13 Feb 1893
1 Apr 1864
23 Sep 1959
4 Jan 1862
PDSurnames starting with "P" and Given Names starting with "D" Parker
13 Feb 189323 Sep 1959
10 Oct 1863
PD1863Surnames starting with "P", Given Names starting with "D" and Died in 1863Pond D A10 Oct 1863
18931959Persons born in 1893 and died in 1959ParkerDennis 13 Feb 189323 Sep 1959

Displaying Graves ...

The surname, given names, date of birth, date of death and burial location are displayed in a table.

Click on this icon to display detailed information about this grave.
SurnameThe person's surname (last name).
Given NamesThe person's given names.
BornThe person's date of birth (if available).
DiedThe person's date of death (if available).
BuriedIndicates the location of the grave with the place. For example, for a county the buried location would indicate the cemetery where the grave is located. For a cemetery, the buried location might indicate the row or section within the cemetery.


If there are more than 25 grave entries in the list, the list is divided into pages of 25 entries each.

Paging Toolbar

The paging toolbar (shown at right) allows you to move forward and backward within the pages of grave entries. The toolbar contains four page navigation buttons described below:

First page
Previous page
Next page
Last page

The navigation toolbar is located at the top of the list at the far right. A second navigation toolbar if located at the bottom of the list in the center of the tab.

Some buttons will be disabled if the corresponding page navigation is not possible, such as the Previous Page button when you are already viewing the first page.