Help on the Place Images tab

The Images tab displays any images that have been contributed for a place and allows you to add additional images.

Add an image

You must log in

You must log into Histopolis to add an image or make any other contribution. If you do not have an account, click on the "Register" link in the top right portion of the page to create a free account. If you are not logged in, the heading on the Images tab will read "Add an image (you must log in)" and the entry fields will be grayed out and disabled.

Select the image file

To add an image you must select the image file on your local computer. You select the file using the first field under "Add an image" but the exact look and procedure is dependent on your browser. The look of the file chooser is shown below for some popular browsers.

BrowserFile chooser
Internet Explorer 9Browse... - Internet Explorer
Google Chrome 24.0Choose File - Chrome
Firefox 18.0Browse... - Chrome

We welcome any images that are relevant to the place, such as historical photographs of the place or general photos or a cemetery or cemetery subdivision. Most common image formats are accepted and supported. We recommend that you upload original images and not one that have been scaled down to a lower resolution. If your image was taken with a smartphone or other devise that is capable of recording geographic coordinates, please enable that feature as Histopolis will make use of that information.


You can optionally add a short title that is displayed with the image.


You can optionally add a description that is also displayed with the image.

Once you have selected the image and added a title and description (if desired) you can click the Add button to add the image. The image will be added to the images for the place.

Displaying n images

If any images have been added for this place, they are displayed in an image viewer below this heading. The viewer contains a large image at the top and one or more thumbnail images across the bottom.

Large image

One large image is displayed at the top of the viewer. If more than one image has been contributed for a place, you can change which image is being displayed in the large image area. Previous and next buttons will appear along the left and right sides of the large image area. By clicking on one of the buttons you can move forward and back through the images. Double-clicking on the buttons will move to the first or last image in the sequence.

Title and Description

If a title and/or description have been added for the image, they appear below the large image. The title is displayed in italics.


If there is more than one image, a series of thumbnail images are display across the bottom of the viewer, one for each image that has been added for the place. If there are more thumbnails than can fit within the window, you can scroll the thumbnails left or right by clicking on the previous and next buttons at the left or right of the thumbnail list. Double-clicking on one of the buttons will move to the first or last thumbnail. Clicking on one of the thumbnails will select that image for viewing in the large image are at the top of the viewer.