Help on the Place Links tab

The Links tab contains links to content on other sites that have genealogy or history information relevant to the place.

Add a link

You can easily add a link to a place by entering its url into the input field and pressing the add button (free registration is required). The add a link functionality is disabled if you are not logged on.

If you know of another site (or your site) that has content relevant to this place, we encourage you to add a link to it.


Links are displayed in a simple list, usually in the order they were added to Histopolis. Each link entry is organized and formatted as follows:

Page TitleThe title of the page. Click on the page title to visit the page.The page
Site TitleThe name of the site. Click on the site title to visit the site's home page.Histopolis
Added/Updated DateThe date when the link was added or last updated on HistopolisHistopolis
Link UrlThe link urlContributor
Last Modified DateThe last modified date of the page when Histopolis last checked it.The page
Page DescriptionThe author's description of the pageThe page

Some fields may be omitted for a specific link entry if the information is not available.

If you discover a broken link, please notify the webmaster.