Help on the Place Overview tab

The Overview tab contains general information about a place.

The following is a complete list of the information fields that can be displayed for a place. The fields that are displayed for a specific place depend on the type of place (state, county, city, cemetery, ...).

Field NameDescription
NameThe common name of the place.
Which OneA short phrase to tell nearby places with the same name apart. For example, if there are two "Adams Cemeteries" in the same area, one might have a "which one" of "near Smithville". [Editable]
Official NameThe formal or official name if it is different than the common name.
Also Known AsAny other names or alternate spellings that this place is known by. If you know of other name for a place, please add them. [Editable]
AbbreviationAn abbreviated name.
Place TypeThe place type, usually as designated by the USGS, Census Bureau, or other entity.
Located InThe containing civil jurisdictions, for example, for a city its county, state and country.
SurveysThe survey townships, ranges and meridians that overlap the place. The survey townships also displayed on the Map tab in a separate layer.
LocationA text description of where the place is located (if available). [Editable]
Additional InfoAdditional information about the plaice (if available). [Editable]
CapitalFor a country, state or county, the place that serves as its capital.
Capital OfFor a city, lists the places that it is the capital of (if any).
Survey AreaText describing the survey area where the place is located. [Editable]
EstablishedThe date when the place was founded or established. [Editable]
ConditionThe general condition of the place (cemetery), such as overgrown, well maintained, ... [Editable]
NoteA free-form text field containing information about the place that does not have its own field. [Editable]
CoordinatesThe latitude and longitude of the place. For places with area such as a county or city, the coordinates may be the geographic center or might indicate a downtown area.
Nearby CitiesA list of nearby cities including the distance and direction from the place.
Nearby CemeteriesA list of nearby cities including the distance and direction from the place. You can also view "area cemeteries" on the map tab by enabling the "Area Cemeteries" Layer
AreaThe area in square kilometers (if known).
PopulationThe number of residents (if known).
ElevationThe elevation above sea level in meters (if known).
CurrencyFor countries, the national currency.
LanguagesFor countries, the primary languages spoken.
Surrounding (States, Counties, Townships)For a civil township, county or state, the surrounding places at the same level. These surrounding places are also displayed on the Map tab in a separate layer.
Histopolis Place IDThe nine digit number assigned to the place by Histopolis.
AddedThe date the place was added to Histopolis (if available and recent).
UpdatedThe date the place information was last updated.


The fields marked as editable can by updated for cemeteries, cemetery subdivisions and unincorporated places (cities). You must be logged on to edit place information or make other contributions (free registration is required). An Edit button appears on pages for places where editing is supported.