Help on the Place page

The Place page contains many types of information about a place organized into tabs. The following is a complete list of the tabs that can be displayed for a place. The tabs that are displayed for a specific place depend on the type of place (state, county, city, cemetery, ...).

Tab NameDescription
OverviewGeneral information about the place including alternate names the place may be known by.
MapAn interactive map showing the place location and the borders of relevant governmental jurisdictions.
ImagesImages contributed for the place (cemeteries and unincorporated places).
Administrative Divisions (States, Counties, Townships, ...)The civil subdivisions of the place, such as the counties of a state.
CitiesThe cities with a state, county or civil township.
CemeteriesThe cemeteries located within the state, county or township. The Map tab can also be used to see the location of area cemeteries.
Cemetery SubdivisionsFor a cemetery, any subdivisions such as sections that are known by Histopolis.
GravesLists information about people buried in a cemetery (county, township, cemetery or cemetery subdivision).
SurveysList the land survey townships corresponding to a place.
LinksLists links to other sites containing relevant genealogy or history information about the place.
Link HereDescribes how to place a link on your site to the Histopolis place page.

Additional information about a specific tab is available on the Help for that tab.


The information on Histopolis comes from a variety of sources, including the USGS Board on Geographic Names (BGN), the Geography Division of the U.S. Census Bureau, and user contributions. See the Credits page for additional information.


We welcome your contributions (free registration is required).

Editing Cemetery Information

Some information about a Cemetery, Cemetery Subdivision or Unincorporated Place can be edited. Navigate to the Overview tab for the place and click of the Edit button in the upper right portion of the Overview tab to edit the information.

Adding a Cemetery

To add a cemetery on Histopolis, navigate to the Cemeteries tab for the county, township or incorporated city where the cemetery is located. An Add button is located near the top of the content for the Cemeteries tab.

Adding a Grave

To add a grave on Histopolis, navigate to the Graves tab for the cemetery where the deceased is buried. The Add capability is located near the top of the content for the Graves tab.