Help on the Site Menu

The Site Menu allows you to easily navigate to the major areas of the site.

The site menu consist of a menu bar and a drop-down menu for most of the items on the menu bar. The following table describes the menu entries and their action.

Menu BarDrop-down MenuNavigates to
HomeThe site's home page (you can also click on "Histopolis" in the masthead)
PeopleSurnamesThe Histopolis Surname Center. Search or browse over 300,000 surnames"
GravesThe Histopolis Grave Center. Search over 2.1 million graves
PlacesWorldThe place page for the World (It's a small world. Currently only The United States and Puerto Rico are supported.)
United StatesThe place page for the United States with links to individual States
Puerto RicoThe place page for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with links to individual Municipios, cities and cemeteries
CemeteriesThe cemeteries page where you can find a Cemetery by country, state, county and cemetery name
GravesThe Histopolis Grave Center. Search for a grave across the whole site or within a specific geography.
SurveysSurveys of the United States
Place-of-the-dayEach day a different place is featured on Histopolis. See the featured place for today and previous days.
LearnPlace HierarchyLearn about the hierarchy used to organize the 350,000 places on Histopolis
Grave IndexLearn about the Histopolis Grave Index that allows you to find grave information on Histopolis and other sites
HistopolisWhat's NewFind out about recent changes to Histopolis plus an archive of past changes
Link to UsFind out how to link to Histopolis
Privacy PolicyView our privacy policy. We value your privacy and trust
CreditsWe gratefully acknowledge our primary data sources
WebmastersTools allowing the webmasters of other genealogy and history sites to work with Histopolis
DonateHelp keep Histopolis free by donating to support its operation
AccountRegisterBecome a member of Histopolis, it is free and easy
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